• The Final Countdown

    The winter months in Bayfield are beautiful and predictably more quiet than the rest of the year. Similar to most Canadian locations, the season can have a tendency to drag on and feel like the sunshine is never to return. Since Bayfield tourism season thrives in the warmer climate, retail shop owners have needed to adapt coping methods for getting through the Winter months.


    So, while waiting for the beach to thaw, retail shop owners are often

    a) catching up on reading


    b) heading somewhere warm on a trip


    c) using this time for planning, painting, buying new product and rearranging the shop layout. 


    Here at Hive, we've completed our painting projects and things look fresh and brighter around here. 

    Doing the buying has to be one of my favourite parts of the job - as you can imagine, it's like a huge shopping spree but with less guilt because you know it's not all for yourself ;)

    Some big boxes have started arriving and I can't wait for you to see what we have in store for this Spring. 

    New products will be posted on the website so make sure to check in regularly and as always, pop by the shop to say 'hi' when we're open on weekends or during the week when we're unpacking new goodies :)


    PS. Only 30 days until it's officially Spring!


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